For your convenience, our most common  questions are answered right here.

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Q: How long is The Last Drag Bar in Spudsville

A: It will vary depending on your scene transitions and performance pacing. However you can rely on it being about 1 hour 40 minutes.

Q: Is The Last Drag Bar in Spudsville appropriate for younger audiences?

A: We suggest that the audience be ages 16+, but leave it up to parents discretion. Please be aware, The Last Drag Bar In Spudsville contains themes that may not be appropriate for all audiences. These themes include sexual related discussions, implications of illegal drug use, use of adult language and comedic violence.

Q: Can my company put on this this play?

A: The rights to perform the play are available for limited runs. There are certain restrictions that apply, as with any theatrical performance. If interested in licensing the play for a performance, please use the Contact page to send an inquiry.

Q: Do the characters have to be played by Drag Queens?

A: They do not have to be portrayed by real life Drag Queens. They can be Men playing Drag Queens or Women playing Drag Queens.  They can be younger, playing older, and there is no race or ethnicity implied. It’s the actors job to simply make the character fabulous.

Q: I’d like to interview a performing Cast or Crew. Can you facilitate that?

A: It would be better for any media inquiries to be directed to the production company performing the play or the theater that will host it. It is easier for you to organize such things directly with the party.

Q: Can I videotape or record any part of The Last Drag Bar In Spudsville?

A: We do not allow audio or videotaped content online as it compromises the performances of those who spend months rehearsing and planning in order to provide a unique live theater experience.

Q: Where can I see the show?

A: Performance dates and locations are located on the See It page.

Q: Where can I audition for a role?

A: We do not host performances ourselves. This is a repository of basic information regarding the show. If you’d like to be directly involved, please contact the theater or Performance company that is doing the show to inquire about their auditions process.

Q: Can I contact the author or owner of the rights to The Last Drag Bar In Spudsville?

A: Yes, you can contact us via our Contact Page.

Q: Can we create and/or sell The Last Drag Bar in Spudsville Merchandise to sell at a live performance.

A: We license the rights to a limited, non-exclusive Live Performance only. We do not license merchandising rights.

Q: Can I amend/alter content to fit my circumstances

A: We do not allow the dialog. scenarios, or plot to be altered as it would it would compromise the integrity of the work. Sets and direction are nondescript thus allow the direction and performance to be accommodating for a plethora of conditions and stage sizes.