Welcome To The Show

The Last Drag Bar In Spudsville is the hilarious, high concept comedy about two aging drag queens¬† in a small southern town. When a notorious Minister’s wife buys up the only other Drag bar in Spudsville and sets her sights on the last in order to purge the town of gays, the rivaling divas must work together to save their home from the consequences of hate. Even if they hate each other.

The Last Drag Bar in Spudsville will make it’s debut at The Collingwood Arts Theater, February 21-23rd, 2017. Directed by David Gedert and Jaymes Gregory Mull from Stone Prductions, who have previously brought hit plays to the Toledo stages, such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spring Awakening and HAIR.

For more information on this performance, please visit Stone Productions. http://www.stoneproductions419.com/